WHO: ARTACAN was founded by Richard Rubenstein, a semi-retired professional photographer and photography instructor.  He now produces fine art photography, and is also a survivor of stage three colorectal cancer.

 WHAT: ARTACAN (ARTists After CANcer) was inspired by several good friends  of Richard's who are also professional artists and cancer survivors. ARTACAN provides a free website listing for professional artists that show support for cancer awareness through voluntary donations of time or money, to cancer treatment or research organizations of their choice. 

WHY: Richard’s routine colonoscopy in 2007 discovered colorectal cancer that had presented no symptoms. Eighteen months of treatment included radiation, chemo and two surgeries. As of now, Richard remains cancer free, ever so grateful, and encourages everyone to have his or her colonoscopy at the appropriate time.

HOW: "While preparing for an art show with other professional artists, I discovered they too were all cancer survivors. Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Colorectal Cancer and Lymphoma - it was too prevalent and overwhelming to ignore. This effort is my way to promote awareness and treatment by assisting professional artists in promoting their artwork as they help spread the word and donate towards the cure."

JOIN: Are you a professional artist and cancer survivor? Please email me by clicking here.

FINALLY: Fighting cancer requires every ounce of strength and effort one can put forth. Many cancer survivors live with conditions left behind from the disease and the treatments. You will never hear them complain, as the ever-so-sweet joy of merely waking up each morning cancer free overshadows everything else. Artists draw their creative inspirations and interpretations from life itself. Beating any life threatening disease can tremendously change ones outlook and perspective. It is not unusual to see and feel a high level of intense emotion or subliminal message when viewing art. The beauty of art, created by those who appreciate life, has to be seen to be appreciated.


Richard Rubenstein - (ARTACAN.ORG Founder) Photography - Fine Art 

Kazu Okutomi - Photography - www.KazuPhoto.com

Reg & Dorothy McCormick - Gourd Carver - www.OmyGourd.com

Pat Stacy  - Mixed Media - www.PatStacy.com

Alan Lowy - Photography - www.cavecreek-photo.com

Chary Castro-Marin - Cuban Art  www.absolutearts.com/cubarte

Paige Price - Dichroic Glass - Paige Price

Teresa Otte - Acrylic - Teresa Otte

Aungoli Wellington - Stone Candles - www.NaturalStoneCandles.com

Tamara Taylor - Acrylic - http://www.panhandlearts.org

Wendy McClintock - Watercolors - http://www.panhandlearts.org/

Teres - Mixed Media and Acrylic -http://www.behance.net/gallery

Peggy D'Errico - Mixed Media - Peggy D'Errico

Titi Sebastiani - Copper & Mixed Media - http:/www.rockofangels.com

Richard Herman - Photographer - http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-richard-herman.html




Key Supporters Include: Mark G.,  Bernie E., Charles & Leslie D., Michelle R., Charlie & Nancy Y., Krist & Stacey J., Teres, Mark & Mel at D&D Discount Motorcycles & Rentals, Richard Herman

Here are a few photographs, some of me, and some I took of my dear friends who are artists and cancer survivors. Thanks for everything my friends! Richard